Sonntag, 18. September 2011

School and Other Stuff!

Hello Hello,
Are most exciting news is that ¡DALLIN GOT A JOB AT COSTCO! We are both pretty excited about it! I am also working at a trailer for the football games.  Yesterday was pretty crappy, so I'm hoping for a better season so that we can actually be busy during half time :).
 School started and we are both pretty busy. Dallin is taking 19 credits and he is just cruising along. Dallin has an English class this semester with Jeff and they have man dates a few times a week. I am doing my 276 class this semester, so I get to go to a High School and a Jr. High School to observe teachers teaching. I also get to do a little teaching myself. I have really enjoyed working with the kids however, getting up early is killing me. I'm getting used to it, but being to school at 7:30 is a killer. I am all in favor for a later start for these kids, and not just for my sake. 
Dallin and I have been enjoying our calling in primary. The kids are tiring but fun. We learn a lot from the little guys. 

Here are some pictures from our honeymoon that we haven't put up yet. 


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