Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Allow us to explain ourselves...

By Dam Gunther we are simply implying Dallin and Sam Gunther, Dam is our combined name which was created purely out of coincidence. How were our parents supposed to know that when they named us our names combined would create this euphemism! Now that we've explained that little tidbit we can finally move on to what's happening in our day to day routine.
This is our 3rd week (thats right 3rd week) of our blissful and exciting marriage. This paragraph will answer to the so frequently asked question of, "how's the married life?" Well, if you could imagine a constant stream of nothing but laughter for 3 weeks straight that has not been what it has been like. In fact, we've decided that it doesn't feel at all different, except now Dallin doesn't have to go and bum on other peoples couch's etc. (thanks Tom Brinton, Tommy Rowley, and Jeremy Buck.) We have also made a few keen observations about all the awesome gifts we've received, it might possibly take years before we get the time and the cooking capacity to use all of them. Though we are very thankful for all of them. The apartment is clean-ish... its most definitely a work in progress and upon completion many of you will be personally invited to come and enjoy the magic that is know as our apartment!
Dallin has been having fun writing this blog so far.... so I hope that you have enjoyed that. Anyway... life has been good so far.... well we haven't killed each other yet so I'd say that's a good sign. Just kidding things couldn't be any better. We love our new apartment and the splendid view of the ground outside. Well, week three already, its hard to believe that 6 weeks ago we were aching for this and now time is passing faster than ever before. No, for all of you who were wondering we will NOT be having a honeymoon baby. Although, Dallin is still rooting for one so who knows.... We got a new book shelf the other day and it looks fantastic!
Well, that is all for today! We will let you know when something exciting happens :)

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